Yves Larock, né Yves Cheminade, a 29 ans. Ce Dj originaire de Suisse n'en est pas à son premier succès. Après le titre Zookey qui s'est très bien classé dans les charts en France (environ 150 000 cd vendus), Yves revient avec un nouveau titre qui va vous faire danser tout cet hiver : "Rise Up". Dans la lignée du son africanism-house, ce titre rythmé va littéralement vous faire sauter sur place. Alors tous à vos cordes, référence au clip. Personnellement, j'adore l'arrangement travaillé du son et la voix rauque de Jaba.
    BIOGRAPHY MYSPACE Yves Larock, a.k.a. Yves Cheminade to give his real name, is entirely self-taught and owes much of his success to one of the most popular club hits of 2005 : Zookey. Signed up by the Africanism and Defected labels, this track launched a brilliant new mix of zouk, reggae and house onto the house music scene. At the beginning of 2007, he signed the new summer hit “Rise up” with Ministry of sound, Universal,… On ‘Rise Up’, Yves has yet again expertly blended uplifting house and a reggae vocal, this time courtesy of Jaba, leader of the band ‘Moonraisers’. Steve Smart and Mr. Pete tong played the massive hit potential at the beginning of May and since it’s across all the airwaves and TV. Yet by his own definition Yves sees himself first and foremost as an all-out producer. In fact, his creative output was already firmly established before he was spotted by Map Dance and then Bob Sinclar. While Yves has always had a passion for music, he could not imagine making a living from it in a country like Switzerland, where the music scene is not yet taken very seriously. But today his dream has become reality. Not only is Yves able to make a living from his musical output, he regularly mixes at major clubs both abroad and in Switzerland. His output is as varied as he is non-conformist, generous and passionate, switching effortlessly from rap (his roots) to R&B, reggae and electro-house. He has a thousand and one projects constantly buzzing around his head for the future, and knowing him his next big hit is sure to be where we least expect it.