Le bel athlète du jour est Tim Taylor originaire du Maryland "Etats-unis", il est l'un des grands champion dans l'univers du fitness. Fort de ses 32 ans Tim fait les beaux jours des magazines et des photographes, je vous laisse découvrir les clichés de ce magnifique brun. Tim Taylor : I am a finance manager and fitness model. I enjoy the participating in various fitness competitions ; my main goal is to collaborate with photographers to produce memorable images that we all can both be proud of. I would like to get in contact with both photographers and models who are working on expanding their portfolios by creating images that fit along the spectrum of the typical fitness magazine shot to more mainstream pictures that you see in print ads for jeans, underwear, cologne, etc. This is the type of modeling assignments.
    2006 NABBA Nationals - Men's Athletic Division - Overall Champion - September, 2006 2006 Emerald Cup Men's Fitness - 1st Place - April, 2006 2005 WNBF Mr. Fitness Male Model Search-Overall Champion ; November, 2005 2005 NABBA Nationals-Men's Athletic Division-Overall Champion ; September, 2005 2005 NABBA Junior Nationals-Men's Athletic Division-Overall Champion ; August, 2005 2005 FAME Charm City-WNSO-Male Fitness Model-1st Place ; May, 2005 Professional Photo Shoot with DeeAnn Donovan ; August, 2005