• Erwan Chuberre, nouveau roman

    Sainte Mylene... priez pour moi !

    Et tout le monde en parle....

    Everybody talks about it, No ! Don’t confuse it with the French TV show :”Tout le Monde en Parle”, but a writer who grows up and whose celebrity strikes to his door. The year 2006 saw the release of Mylène Farmer’s biography that he wrote, entitled “Mylène Farmer Phénoménale”. Success is striking on with a national distribution and in certain European countries and even to Quebec. The year 2007 saw the release of “Sainte Mylène priez pour moi”, a sweetened novel, acidulated, which is read without any end. But why “Everyone talks about it” ? It is simple, this new novel’s actuality makes Erwan an “in vogue” writer from the beginning of this summer. The Internet websites, the magazines and even “Charts in France” talk about it. Will this novel be the 2007’s best seller ? Hummm… It is rather well gone ! By the way, you could find me, “dj vincesteven”, in this novel but I won’t tell you my hidden character (laughs). So find me !!!!! Notice that this splendid cover was made by a painter that I’m fond of : Mr Frantz Salt maker. Sans oubliez la réédition du roman Les Lèvres de Sylvie Vartan avec sa nouvelle couverture