Scooter est un groupe de techno allemand, pratiquant beaucoup de genres allant de la Trance au Happy hardcore, même s'ils sont catalogués dans la catégorie Eurodance. Ils ont remporté plusieurs dizaines de disques d'or et sont très connus entre autres pour leurs titres en voix pitchée. Scooter are a successful German dance band, who have sold over 12 million records and have earned 60 gold and platinum awards. [1] The band is currently made up of members H.P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan and new member Michael Simon. They have a sort of "trademark" sound, with most of their songs featuring some "rap shouting", sometimes featuring a high pitched vocal.
    SINGLE Année Nom du Single 1994 Vallée de larmes 1994 Hyper hyper 1995 Move Your Ass ! 1995 Friends 1995 Endless Summer 1995 Back in the U.K 1996 Let Me Be Your Valentine 1996 Rebel Yell 1996 I'm Raving 1996 Break It Up 1997 Fire ! 1997 The Age Of Love 1997 No Fate 1998 How Much Is The Fish ? 1998 We Are The Greatest 1999 Call Me Mañana 1999 Faster Harder Scooter 1999 Fuck The Millenium 2000 I'm Your Pusher 2000 She's The Sun 2001 Posse (I Need You On The Floor) 2001 Aiii Shot The DJ 2001 Ramp ! (The Logical Song) 2002 Nessaja 2003 Weekend ! 2003 The Night 2003 Maria (I Like It Loud) 2003 Jigga Jigga ! 2004 Shake That ! 2004 One (Always Hardcore) 2005 Suavemente 2005 Hello ! (Good To Be Back) 2005 Apache Rocks The Bottom ! 2007 Behind The Cow 2007 Lass Uns Tanzen ! 2007 The Question Is What Is The Quest ALBUMS Année Nom de l'album 1995 ...And The Beat Goes On ! 1996 Our Happy Hardcore 1996 Wicked ! 1997 Age Of Love 1994 - 1998 Rough And Tough And Dangerous - The Singles (1er Chapitre) 1998 No Time To Chill 1999 Back To The Heavyweight Jam 2000 Sheffield 2001 We Bring The Noise ! 1998-2002 Push The Beat For This Jam - The Singles (2e Chapitre) 2002 Encore - Live And Direct 2002 Push The Beat For This Jam - Singles '94-'02 (UK Edition) 2002 24 Carat Gold (Singles) 2003 The Stadium Techno Experience 2004 Mind The Gap 2005 Who's Got The Last Laugh Now ? 2006 Excess All Area (Live in concert) 2007 The Ultimate Aural Orgasm