BACKGROUND/FONDS D'ECRAN SANTIAGO ARAGON LINK/LIEN HERE/ICI2008 - Allamericanguys.com, (Mike Downs) Fitness + Underwear Shoot 2008 - Allamericanguys.com, (Mike Downs) Fitness Shoot 2008 - Richard N. Rossen, Bodybuilding + Physique Shoot 2008 - Norman L. Johansen, Bodybuilding + Physique Shoot 2008 - Southern Muscle Plus July 2008 Issue, Cover + Article 2008 - PumpingMuscle.com, (Peter Leider) Fitness + Headshots 2007 - Allamericanguys.com (Mike Downs), Underwear Shoot 2007 - Miami Ink, Tattoo PhotoshootHi my name is Santi. Im a 19 year old bodybuilder/model going to college in the Orlando area. I love to model work that involves using my body as an art form. Im looking paid shoots with professional and/or published photographers. I want to expand my portfolio with nice professional pictures.Anything that has to do with fitness and underwear I also enjoy doing.(Biography : ModelMayhem.com)He has been bodybuilding competitively for the past two years. He is recently undefeated in his bodybuilding career, winning the 2007 NGA Florida championships, 2008 Mid Florida Muscle, 2008 Southern States and the 2008 Teen and Collegiate Nationals. He is planning to take a year off to bring up lagging body parts and come back strong at the 2010 NPC Junior Nationals. Currently Santi is going to college in Orlando, FL majoring in Business Administration. He hopes to one day start his own business in the Bodybuilding and Fitness industry. CONTEST HISTORY MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT 2008 Collegiate National Bodybuilding Championships Mens Bodybuilding : Lightweight (1st) Teen National Bodybuilding Championships Mens Bodybuilding : Lightweight (1st) Southern States Men : Teen Middleweight (1st)