A la découverte du duo qui compose les Freemasons. Ce sont deux DJ, Producteurs, Remixeurs, adeptes des clubs et des charts. Le duo nous présente leur nouveau single, Uninvited, avec la magnifique voix aux sonorités orientales de Bailey Tzuke. Ce titre est une reprise d'Alanis Morissette qui date de 1998, BO du film la Cité des Anges. A noter qu'une version 2007 existe aussi avec la voix d'Alanis remix Freemasons. A l'écoute Ici/Link here : ALANIS MORISETTE UNINVITED 2007 The Freemasons are a Dance/House/Electronica production team from England. The act consists of DJ/Producer/composer/remixer Russell Small (who is also one half of the House production duo Phats & Small) and James Wiltshire (who also works with Phats & Small but under the alias Jimmy Gomez).
    Albums 2007 — Shakedown, released 22 January 2007 (Loaded Records) — Unmixed, released 29 October 2007 (Loaded Records) Singles and Original Works 2005 — Love On My Mind" (featuring Amanda Wilson) #11 UK Singles Chart, #1 Hot Dance Music/Club Play, #12 Hot Dance Singles Sales 2006 — Watchin'" (featuring Amanda Wilson) #19 UK Singles Chart, #1 Hot Dance Music/Club Play 2007 — Rain Down Love" (featuring Siedah Garrett) #12 UK Singles Chart, #1 UK Indie, #15 Hot Dance Airplay, #20 Ultratop 50 Belgium — Nothing But A Heartache" (featuring Sylvia Mason-James) — Uninvited" (featuring Bailey Tzuke) - a cover of the 1998 Alanis Morissette hit - #8 UK Singles Chart, #12 Dutch Top 40 Remixes 2005 — Love Kills (Freemasons Mix) - U-Neeq (Bootleg version of Freddie Mercury) — Mesmerized" (Freemasons Mix) - Faith Evans #47 UK Singles Chart, #1 Hot Dance Music/Club Play — It's a Beautiful Day" (Freemasons Mix) - Phats & Small — I Just Can't Get Enough" (Freemasons Mix) - Herd & Fitz ft. Abigail Bailey — Zap me Lovely" Trick vs Freemasons (The Nokia Song) — Lovin' You More" (Freemasons Mix) - Steve Mac and Steve Smith — I See Girls" (Freemasons Mix) - Studio B — Movin' Into Light' - Black Fras — The Beach" (Freemasons Mix) - Suntan Feat. Tia — I Wasn't Kidding" (Freemasons Mix) - Angie Stone #17 Hot Dance Music/Club Play — C'mon Get It On" (Freemasons Mix) - Studio B 2006 — Deja Vu" (Freemasons Mix) - Beyoncé- #1 UK Singles Chart, #1 Hot Dance Music/Club Play — Right Here Right Now" (Freemasons Mix) - Fatboy Slim * 2006 "Love Sensation" (Freemasons Mix) - Loleatta Holloway — Shine" (Freemasons Mix) - Luther Vandross #1 Hot Dance Music/Club Play — Most Precious Love" (Freemasons Mix) - Blaze feat. Barbara Tucker — Moving Too Fast" (Freemasons Mix) - Supafly Inc. — Ring The Alarm" (Freemasons Mix) - Beyoncé — Turn Me On" (Freemasons Mix) Dirty Old Ann — In My Mind" (Freemasons Remix) Heather Headley #1 Hot Dance — Music/Club Play (Don't) Give Hate A Chance" (Freemasons Remix) — Jamiroquai Give Me The Night" (Freemasons Remix) Xavier 2007 — Take Me 2 The Sun" (Freemasons Remix) Disco Freaks — Beautiful Liar" (Freemasons Remix) Beyoncé & Shakira #1 UK Singles Chart (3 weeks) — Sexual Healing" (Freemasons Mix) Alibi vs Rockefellar — Green Light" (Freemasons Mix) Beyoncé #12 (Downloads Alone) — Here Comes The Rain Again" (Freemasons Remix) - Eurythmics (Unreleased) — Work" Kelly Rowland (Freemasons Mix) 2007 — Grammy nominee