Didier Sinclair est aujourd'hui l'un des principaux DJs House de la scène française. Il se produit dans de nombreux clubs, et se produits dans différentes tournées et festivals français : Boréalis, D-Mention, Métropole, mais aussi à l'étranger. Didier Sinclair exporte son talent dans des villes comme Amsterdam, Anvers, Barcelone, Belgrade, Berlin, Beyrouth, Dubai, Hammamet, Ibiza, Johannesburg, Lausanne, Le Cap, Lisbonne, Londres, Miami, Milan, Moscou, New York, St Martin, Singapour, Tokyo, Tunis...
    BIOGRAPHY MYSPACE Didier starts in 1982 as a radio animator on NRJ and then followed by FUN Radio (2 of the biggest radio stations in the country). He really starts his Dj career in 1987 and becomes one of the first House music Dj in the south of France. He moves to Paris in 1991 and starts producing records in 1998. This is the short version of his profile as an artist. We cant think of Didier Sinclair without mentioning Radio FG. His weekly show (thursdays from 11Am to midnight), his functions as a dance music Artistic Director and the famous Dancefloor Fg compilations for which he chooses and mixes the tracklisting (compilations that all together sold over a million copies), Didier definitely put his talent to serve and please FGs audience. His first big success, as a producer, "Groove 2 me" produced along with Dj Chris Pi, comes out in 1999 on Serial Records and becomes a hit. Then "Lovely Flight", that sold over 50,000 copies comes out during the summer of 2000. "Galactix" is out in 2002 and along with somes remixes for Fafa Monteco, DJ F.E.X., Djinxx, Geyster, Dan Marciano, Lorent Air or Lyszak, Didier Sinclair is a busy man. In 2004, a new version of "Groove 2 me" comes out with a remix from his friend Wally Lopez. That same year, a collaboration with David Duriezs label : Brique Rouge gives birth to Hook. In november 2004, Didier comes up with "Heavenly" released on Serial Records with a great remix from Sharam Jey. Two compilations projects will follow : 2005 in the Club 3 out on Wagram and the last one, released in June 2006, is dedicated to the Mix Club where Didier has his monthly residency. Didier is considered as being one of the main French djs playing in the biggest French clubs and festivals but also all around the globe. Didier has his own night at the MIX Club in Paris (monthly exclusive residency) and also hosts Ministry of Sounds residency at Mix. June 2007 Didier come back with "Feel the wave" including remixes from Ali Payami, Alex Gaudino & Balazko and at the end of summer will bring us a bunch of remixes of his all time success : "Lovely flight" from Fedde Le Grand & Arno Cost. Didier is one of the main actors in the french dance music scene. He travels the globe to please his crowd and plays alongside the biggest names of this industry. Enjoy !