Ce duo de DJ vient tout droit de Pologne. Il commence la musique en 1996 par de la production. La discographie du groupe comporte en autre "Music in my Extasy" et "Hare Krishna".
    This duet of DJ comes from Poland. It begins the music in 1996 with production. The discography of the group comprises in another "Music in my Extasy" and "Hare Krishna". 1996 The beginning of music production. 1997 Radoslav Rasinski starts his first project"Crystal themes I-XI". 1998 Radoslav win TOP TLEN '98 (electro chart). 1999 Brothers start working as group ALCHEMIST. Radoslav makes his second album "moonlight stories". 2000 Alchemists makes theme for "summer loveparade-mielno2000. Radoslav Rasinski wins TOP TLEN 2000 for the second time. 2001 Alchemists start playing live-acts, their music is played in local radiostations. Radoslav finnish his third album "inne oblicze". the same year they finnish next album "krystalizacja". 2002 The Alchemists play concerts in clubs and publish their music in music magazines. Radoslav makes 5th album with electro "crystal themesXII-XX. 2003 Their music is published in DJ MAGAZINE.Radek starts working on next album "Nemesis".in the end of the year start co-operate with german group MINERVE. 2004 Guys make three remixes for MINERVE which are published on album "different perpectives".On second half of the year alchemists sign the contract with spanish label IMPRESSIVE RECORDS. 2005 On first months of the year their debut vinyl CITY OF ANGELS is available in music stores.on april they change name on ALCHEMIST PROJECT.This year they published their next vinyl IM HYPNOTIZED and album CITY OF ANGELS (by Play records).group produce a lots of remixes for example : Magda Modra, LCM !,Kalwi & Remi,Hyperavers,Krist'a van D and many others. In spite of lot of work leds from AP starts next music project THE HOUSFINDERZ and by the end of the year the sign contract with DYBPLATE RECORDS for next two vinyls.